Thursday, September 6, 2007

writing down the lane

So here is Glypho. You write something, like a premise for a story or even part of the story and then the 'rest of the world' can suggest plot ideas, character development, and all that yummy expository stuff that makes writing exciting.

The site claims that it is presenting a"'new way to write"; however, I'd argue that the site really provides a "new way to sit back and lose control of the creative process".

That being said, I post something, because in true tech-ed spirit, I have this urge to register, sign-up, share my email, and validate every account. I enjoy squiggly words that prove that I am not a robot, cyborg, or spam-bot.

Anyhow, here is what I posted on Gylpho:

Brownies today. Chocolate chip cookies tomorrow. How about an entire box of Lucky Charms on Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Now that's tricky because I don't have anything to do. Planning a menu to get me through the entire weekend will take some time. Grab some paper. A pen. And I'll need more brownies.

Keeping myself occupied is a complex, convoluted, and time-consuming task. Currently, the amount of time I spend planning what I will do could be a full-time job. In truth, I could just keep myself in planning mode and actually never do anything. Except planning.

But if I'm not planning, I'm twirling. I'm inspecting. I'm feeling for imperfection; for difference and perfection all in one.

And then I rip.
And then I inspect.

And I continue to pull out my hair. And there's actually a word for it: Trichotillomania.

Re-directing my compulsion is an interesting way to get through each day, but no activity can mask the history that led me to this point.
So, I will wait and see. In the meantime, I'm going to go register for Geni; I mean, we're all connected anyhow, right???

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