Tuesday, September 18, 2007

because I love games

Time to share some dirty little links, sites that I have recently tagged.

I am doing this because:
1. Someone else is playing a cruel, cruel game
2. I am finally able to sit for a moment, what I like to call Meeting Purgatory
3. It's all far more innocuous than cult-mongering

So, in no particular order, except chronological/numerical/sequential, behold:

- Games, activities, and more courtesy of the Nobel Prize in Literature. Really interactive stuff, in all areas Nobel (Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and Medicine). One that my students really like is an interactive Lord of the Flies activity (ahoy, SmartBoard...or any other rival brand that does, essentially, the same thing).

- A math blog. That's right! This here English teacher loves da' math...especially da' math ladies, yo. Patty O'Flynn (never met her, but yes, I'm using her name here as if we are somehow pals, coworkers, or friends, when in fact we don't know each other. We could bump into one another on the great Super Highway [I-95] and unless we happened to exchange insurance information [I have collision, thank you very much] we would never be able to place the other person).

- Another math blog, but a collaborative one, kind of like a geometric proof. Here's what the site says in its really clever 'about' page (got to get me one of those new-fangled 'about' pages):
It began as a personal blog, but following its widespread success the site is now accepting external submissions and contributions by guest writers and regular bloggers, making it a hub for those who intend to publish high quality, informative and easy to follow mathematical articles on the Web

In truth, there a great videos, short, snappy videos that surely will find a way to your classroom, or your living room (if that's how you roll).

- From our friends at the Online Education Database comes 119 Authoratative, Invisible, and Comprehensive Resources. My fave: #67 - a database of grant opportunities (hello, I-touch!)

- A teacher in our Science Department has a class entitled, Catastrophic Events. It's a fun, light-hearted class, focusing on family values, fuzzy bunnies, and spirited tsunamis. When it's time to map the path of fuzzy bunnies and add notes about their migrations, he loves to use Tagzania. This site also is a great place to track tsunamis and other care-free moments.

Pass it on. Pay it forward. Just do it. Made from the best stuff on Earth. And in the words of Vonnegut, 'and so on and so forth'.


Kristin Hokanson said...

Thanks for playing along :)

Kristin Hokanson said...

btw did you tag them for:hokie62798 ? must have posts for me when I do my preso on Thurs THX

Patty O'Flynn said...

Glad you like da' math, just doing my part.
Patty O