Monday, September 17, 2007

stale vegetables and moldy fruit

Dr Leo Marvin's book, Baby Steps, tells us that we should always proceed with caution. Move slowly. Take one step at a time.

This would be an award-winning philosophy if everyone around me didn't seem to think that the integration of technology needed to occur with the celerity employed by Cyberdyne (see Terminator 2).

Note: I cannot identify 'everyone' as mentioned above. Perhaps they are just a presence hovering in and around my mental crevices.

However, I'd like to reveal a large, gaggling group that exists in my building. They are the 'late adopters', The Resistance, Scantrons Last Hope.

They represent a group so reticent to change they still protest erasable pens as devices that promote the shirking of responsibility.

So much time is spent between people preaching messages to audiences that have already indoctrinated and converted themselves to the same cause (see NECC) that what they are really missing is the chutzpa, grit, and moxie to plant seeds of change in the stubborn fruits and veggies that sprout back in schools every September.

Golly gee, what's a Tech Coach to do?


Kristin Hokanson said...

The problem Ken is that when you plant a matter how much water, love and care you give it, you will NEVER grow a rose from it. Quit watering the stones...and care for those seeds ...eventually they will grow and in THEIR beauty you can feel that you have had success.

Kristin Hokanson said...

tell us what you've bookmarked lately.