Monday, September 24, 2007

A teacherly play

The Scene:
A large ballroom, classic middle-american design; beige & taupe colors permeate the walls, the neurotic carpeting, and even the seat cushions. Eight person tables cover the landscape, each filled with more than the recommended seating size. The people are educators from all over Pennsylvania, converted from the classroom into miracle workers. They all have computers out; loaded, charged, ready to surf at a moment's notice.

The Player:
Ken - a Classrooms for the Future coach with a hint of ADD, evident by his new-found use of AjaxChat and a massive inability to stay focused in large group settings. He is at an uncomfortable age; parent, husband, and questioner. He asks large questions about technology, education, and effectiveness. He is mired in questions, drowning in them and he can share them in impromptu fashion.

The Questions:
  1. What does a classroom look like today?
  2. What does an effective teacher look like today?
  3. Are there any more non-negotiables in a classroom?
  4. What does creativity look like and why is it so valuable?
Curtain rises. Enter stage left. Dim the lights. Spotlight on...?

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