Thursday, June 17, 2010

ugh, wcydwt: slow

But...I did it. There's no math for that.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a litigious...lot?

I mean, what's the technical term for a group of unicorns?

My recent absence on this blog is in no way indicative of my blogging passion. It's just that I've learned I'm better served by blogging about something other than education.

And zippee do-dah indeed if recent news hasn't validated my choice to alter my blogging focus.

But it appears that my real passion has crossed the alleged mythical line that exists between unicorns and their legal representation firm.

Exception they have taken, indeed!

Behold a sampling of the constitutionally-inspired assault I received recently:
Lest you be so uninformed as to recognize the ignominious depiction you project of our rights'-entitled client base, our legal team is obligated to inform you that you must cease and de-continue your web blog as it is in direct violation of the privacy rights afforded to all unicorns.

Please note that unicorns have enjoyed uninterrupted years of privacy, and if our clients wished to have their lives subject to interpretation on the world wide interwebwork, they have just as many limbs as their human counterparts and could blog with alacrity. But they choose not to.

While we recognize that your blog is celebratory, and at times, pun-ny, you must exercise immense caution when blogging, not only about humans or animals, but mythical creatures as well. We recommend automotive detritus. We can even provide you with some catchy domain names. We've cross-referenced against Technorati and Bloglines.
The letter goes on. Needless to say, I'm running out of blogging topics.

Friday, June 4, 2010

when it's ubiquitous

Moderately Assiduous Student:
I don't know why we have all these technology projects. I'm using MovieMaker in one class, Animoto in another, and I just finished up a VoiceThread.
Instructional Technology Coach:
They're not technology projects.
Moderately Assiduous Student About To Ask The Question IT Coach Wants To Hear:
Then what are they?
IT Coach: