Friday, September 14, 2007

because I love numbers

Thanks to fellow Classrooms for the Future Coach Sue Sheffer (still don't know her that well) for the following response on our CFF listserv when someone posted a question about integrating Google Sketchup in a Math classroom:

We had a math teacher do it with a project last year where the kids
had to design our new pool. The pool architect came in and gave them
some pointers and showed them how he goes about it. They measured the
property and did some other outside work. He had the kids learn
Sketchup through the tutorials, which I thought was great. They then
designed the pool, did some measuring and math stuff I don't
understand, went online to get pricing for materials and had to
figure some cost stuff. Then present it to the class. This year we
are going to see if we can get the architect to come back and they
can present to him. We are also going to tape the architect because
while the kids were working on it, they realized he had told them
information they needed, but they forgot it.

It was pretty cool. It was with a class of "disengaged seniors" if
you will. College bound but not into school. Most really liked it but
some told me they hated doing it. When I pressed, it was because they
had to work too hard. Too bad.
So now I'm "inspired". So now I'd love to share this with Math teachers. All I have to do is get to them without pissing them off or making them feel belittled.

Fun times ahead.

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