Thursday, June 26, 2008

attending a homeference

Remember that moment early in your career when you had to separate home life from work life?
Don't let that argument with your girlfriend spill over to your classroom.
Or work life from home life?
Yeah, that kid pissed you off, but check your frustration at the exit.
But how do your separate your living room life from your dining room life?
Okay, so he's crying because he wants you to read Fox on Sox. You'll read to him later. His 3-month old twin sisters are in the dining room, crying for a needed feeding.
There is no transition time. There is no 15 minute break between sessions. There is no vendor village, no blogger's cafe, no keynote.

But every moment is a spotlight session.

I'm living at NECC: the Never-Ending Childcare Conference.

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