Wednesday, June 18, 2008

good ahead, be gluttonous

Joyce led me to the good, statistically-driven folks over at the Pew Internet & American Life Project. They put out The Internet Typology Test and it will, most likely, give you plenty of room to bend your digital self into any type of technophile or technofear persona you wish - replete with statistics to reaffirm your own sense of survey-driven identity!

Perhaps you'll find that you:
use [your] extensive suite of technology tools to do an enormous range of things online, on the go, and with [your] cell phone. [You] are highly engaged with video online and digital content. Between blogging, maintaining [your] Web page, remixing digital content, or posting [your] creations to [your] websites, [you] are a creative participant in cyberspace.
You'd be an omnivore.

But would you be doing any of the above with your students?

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Dina said...

I'm a Lackluster Veteran. Once again, this has me giggling. It's like I've won the Purple Heart, but no one invites me to parties.

I could totally do this with kids, but the site doesn't aggregate individual questions' data, unfortunately, which is what I would really want.