Thursday, July 3, 2008

crappy motivation

They clamored, We want to learn how to integrate the interactive white boards in our teaching.

I responded, I shall schedule a day.

They emailed, Great, we look forward to a meaningful day.

And the day came. Amazing participation. Actively engaged, one and all.

An email the following day, whittled down and paraphrased:
The day was great. I'm just not motivated to do any of this in my classes.
Here's hoping the Pennsylvania State Legislature approves funding for year three of the Classrooms for the Future grant.


Kate Olson said...

Wow, you only got ONE email? That's actually pretty good!

Jackie said...

Can I have their interactive white board?

Ken Rodoff said...

@ kate: true, but the total number of participants = over 16% negative feedback. but, true also, and something I've found myself having to do over the years is remind myself to "work with the living".

@jackie: we have video cameras every where.