Wednesday, June 18, 2008

damn you, PD days!

or, 'why are they in groups if they can complete the work on their own?'

The Event:
  • 2008 Presidential Election
The Situation:
  • Four weeks until election day
The Players:
  • The Candidate
  • The Travel Adviser
  • Demographic Consultant
  • Speech Writer
  • Backdrop Artist
The Final Push:
  • Visit four towns, in four separate states, as the last leg of 11th hour campaigning in hopes of winning the election.
The Questions:
  • Who is your candidate?
  • What is her political affiliation?
  • What is her platform on Iraq? Economy? and one other issue?
  • What are your four destinations?
  • Why have you chosen these spots?
  • What speech do you deliver at each location? Order of issues?
  • What catchy background phrase/slogan do you paste behind your candidate at each location? (in Iowa - Planting Seeds of Change; in Pittsburgh - Forging a New Tomorrow)
There will be deeper questions. Ones that you pose, ones that you have in storage, or ones that you wait for students to develop. Every class breeds different angles, slopes, and vectors - you just need to read and react like a pro-bowl lineman.

Something hints at differentiation. Something about this says every individual in every group may need something different than his or her peers.

Something about this seems plausible.

Something about this seems difficult.

More for the teacher than the student.

Is there anything wrong with that?

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