Tuesday, June 17, 2008

production time > quality

The Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Kick-Off video:

You can exhale now.

Probably a no-brainer for most of y'all, but the amount of time I put in using the following instruments:
  1. Flip Video
  2. Windows Movie Maker (antipathy continues to escalate)
insured that the end result would be blah hum-bug.

But I wanted to put something together for the staff. Something to demonstrate that this 'event' could occur, had the appropriate peripherals to make it seem 'real', and evidence that it could be 'fun'.

I've revealed something about my own skill-set, as well as my mis-guided selection process to produce the video.

And now I'm wondering if having students make videos for a class other than one specifically designed to teach the craft is an ill-informed, what-else-did-you-expect game plan?

The cherry on top: I'm 1-4 in the first round of the tournament.

1 comment:

Andrew Marcinek said...

Bravo! Love the editing and scissor throwing sound effects! I say you submit this baby to Cannes!