Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a drought 100 seasons and counting

If 'education' were a professional sport, it would be a Philadelphia team (close second: Chicago).


blueyestars said...

In the meantime, could we just enjoy the ice fights with padding on and missing teeth; that home run with a hot dog and potato bun and a side of crab fries, or that slim, but hopeful chance of the super bowl one day happening without a peepshow? Or do all who teach just say, it is what it is?

Taylor said...

Hey, the Flyers Rock. My husband was there for game 7 of the Stanley Cup in 87 at the Spectrum. I have a t-shirt from that game. So vintage. White people like that. It's my favorite shirt.

How's the babies?

Ken Rodoff said...

@blueyestars: 'it' is a big, complex word. And, regarding the crab fries, the over 'Old Bay' them at the Linc to induce greater levels of thirst. Stick to the free-standing establishments.

@taylor: In '87 I went to a Flyer's game. Sat in the upper level of the Spectrum. Nearly the top-most row. Tripped 2/3 of the way to my seat. Ice cream all over steps and my Kjell Samuelson #28 jersey. Since then, I'll only go to games in the lower level. Less of an incline. Ice cream transfer 100% successful.