Thursday, January 17, 2008

when a student chooses

Her stutter is beautiful.
It is a disruptive speech impediment.

Podcasting is a great project for low-achieving students.
A time-consuming bunch of goobledeegook for a non-communicative bunch.

But she does not want to record her voice because of her speech impediment.
This project is just another demoralizing kick in the gut for this student.

I tell her it's the research, scripting, revising, and editing that matters most.
Then put away the microphones and open up a word processor.

The recording is never something I would force you to do.
But her grade will suffer, right?

Your grade will not suffer.
Then you're just assigning a project she can not complete.

This is about inquiry, writing, and ownership over content.
If your goal is 'engagement' (how trendy!), then you'll definitely lose this girl.

Five drafts and three one-on-one conference sessions over four days.
I've never spent this much time on any assignment.
Don't talk to him; he's setting you up for failure.

The Instructional Aide is prepared to record your script for you.
Can I try to record it?
What? Why would you ask him this?

Of course you can; let's go into the recording room.
I'm sure I'll stutter, but I want to try.
You're being duped by a 2.0 wizard.

So, how'd it go?
When can the class listen to it?
They'll make fun of you.

You like it?
I love it!
You did awesome!

Her stutter is beautiful.


blueyestars said...

WOW! I had to read it a few times and each time I read it, there is one more thing on my list of goals as a teacher to add. You set the bar high! I know it's a great feeling when the light turns on. I see it in my Kindergarteners and my young teens.
Keep up the great work.

Susan said...

What a powerful blog you have.
This post blew me away. What an amazing experience this post sketches.

Graham Wegner twitted it. I'm glad he gave the shoutout or I might not have found you.

Dina said...