Wednesday, January 9, 2008

curse you, metacognition

A new struggle, one I surely don't welcome as twins grow, grow, grow, is the internal debate about where to put my thoughts.

Do I tweet? Should I blog? Send myself a Jott and figure it out later? Save it for my therapist (next meeting, tomorrow)?

Oh where, oh where, can my little thoughts go? Suddenly,there are too many choices.

There is something noble and strong about 'just keepin' 'em and dealin' with 'em'.

Take these four munchkins:
  1. A student informs me that she found me on Twitter and is now following me.
  2. A tech administrator from another district wants to know the difference between a blog and a wiki. She also mentions that her district blocks access to blogs and wikis.
  3. With the notion of a global audience (if 58 = global audience), is there a specific time that I should post in order to garner greater readership?
  4. Yesterday, three people asked me, jokingly serious, 'are you going to put an addition on your house?'
Thinking about thinking is tough.

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