Tuesday, January 22, 2008

sticky figures

P - Over there is water. Let me take you down this hill so you may slake your thirst.

H - You'll lead me to the water?

P - Of course. You are one of G-d's majestic creatures. People sit atop your spine and you take them places. Let me return the favor; I'll save you a trip to the Chiropractor.

H - This is a momentous occasion in my life. A person guiding me, showing me the way. And not to a glue factory.

P - Okay, ready? Here we go. Follow along with me.

H - Can you hold my reigns? I'll feel a lot better. The hill leading down to the wiki, um...water, looks kind of daunting.

P - I shall take your reigns and we will walk together, side by side, six powerful legs traversing this navigable slope in unison and harmony.

H - Would you be so kind as to walk in front of me? My confidence shakes with trepidation. If I should lose my footing, I'd want you out in front, preventing a free-fall into the murky waters of wiki oblivion.

P - I will walk in front. But understand, we can enter the placid waters together. We can stand, tread, or swim to our own desiring. We can sip, drink, or gulp. When we leave, we can take some with us; for I know right well that a satiated thirst is but temporary. You will want more.

H - Would you be offended if I asked you to enter into the wiki first? I am fraught with a queasy restlessness which gnaws upon my hoofed soul. I shall feel better by observing, by thinking, by considering.

P - I will enter the water first. My right foot will break the surface and fresh opportunity will slowly envelop me. You will witness liberation and relief. Behold as majestic, sea-dwelling creatures appear before my frame, engaged in their aquatic ballet - a melodious hymn celebrating togetherness and interconnectivity.

H - A wiki can do that?

P - Wiki?

H - Wiki.

P - Wasn't this about getting you a drink?

H - Cheap symbolism. Come on now, even this here equine can spot a hackneyed aphorism. Now why don't you step out of that water, hop on my back, and let me take you back up the hill?

P - What do you think I want back there?

H - And what do you think I want in there?

Thanks to Damian for inspiring this post.

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