Monday, January 7, 2008

poetry cringe-for-all

I'm a little tech coach, brave and strong,
I work with students, teachers, and apps all day long.

Some people I know may say,
'what the hell does that guy do all day?'

So here I write a simple rhyming scheme
To tell you it's more than drinking coffee with cream.

For example, let's look at this day:
It starts with some students and the site FreePlay.

These transfer-in students are doing this thing,
Requiring scripting, rehearsing, and soundtracking.

There's this need for music at the beginning and end,
But there's this thing I taught them: creative commons.

The finally see that there's an audience to lose,
If they don't seek permission for the song they choose.

Next thing I know, there's a bell ringing out loud,
Off to a class with a less than motivated crowd.

When my hallway peregrination is done,
I conduct a presentation on podcasting that's fun!

Research, note-taking, scripting's the core,
Just when they think they're finished, there's more.

Research, note-taking, scripting and revising,
This podcast project is quite surprising.

Students are writing far more than they thought,
Thinking is making them a tad distraught.

And credit the teacher for attempting something new,
Podcasting once something turning his face askew.

Ring, ring, the day's half done,
But a meeting to plan has just begun.

Professional goals, I've seen a few,
Surprised to see I'm included in two.

We could wiki or blog or find something new,
Let's integrate one with something you do.

There's resistance today, that's something I hear,
But more often than not, it's just initial fear.

Whatever the content, I make it abundantly clear,
Skills are what we're talking about here.

'Ah-ha', 'no way', 'I never knew',
Just some of the comments to name a few.

And now the day is almost complete,
But it turns out there's one more person to meet.

A student wants to show a video to us,
But it seems really impossible to embed G Craig Lewis.

Zamzar's a place he's never seen,
Optimism abounds but then we both scream.

It seems that technology is far from perfection,
Zamzar slams us with a nasty rejection.

We look at video and suddenly decide,
That's there's a myriad of solutions we can still try.

I develop a list of things to do,
The student heads home and actually says, 'thank you'.

A Monday is finished, it's day seventy-seven,
Not to keep count, but it's a slow path to tech heaven.

This job is varied, different, and new,
And every day there's something to do.

Perhaps it's easy, almost facile to say,
That the life of a tech coach could just go away.

But hear me here and I'll speak it true,
Having been in the classroom there's plenty to do.

Teaching and collaborating, words tried, words true,
The tech coach knows there's still more to do.

He sees a need and works hard to achieve,
Knowing that the task is about getting some to believe.

Day in and day out, he tries best he can,
And it's hard because he's not everyone's fan.

This is a challenge I'm willing to fight,
Because the position is one that feels just right.


damian said...

Dammit Ken, I want your job. You should really go back to teaching (where do I send my resume?).

PS - I like my coffee like I like my women - hot, bubbly, and served to me in a 12 oz cup.

kenrodoff said...

@damian say that you like your women served in 12oz cups makes me cringe all over again.

Farfisa said...

Wow, I'm glad only 1/2 my day is spent on *that* job. I quite honestly admire your creativity as well ;-) Hope Seamus reads your that chortling I hear from down the admin hallway?

Graham said...

There once was a coordinator from down under,
Who admired ken's poetry with awe and wonder,
The message was so clear,
Better than I can do here,
But I'm stuffed if I can finish this off with a suitable rhyme...

kenrodoff said...

@graham: I have this thing when it comes to poetry, that I find myself hating it and subsequently filled with misery. But sometimes I've found that in order to be profound, it's better to take the convoluted path around.

Ian said...

I liked it so much that I posted it as a description of the CFF job on my blog, plus a little plug for you of course.