Wednesday, January 30, 2008

love me, don't write like me

When this is the sentence a student brings to class:
him love you to
You can not blame the infusion of technology as the root of this five-pronged nightmare.


damian said...

I blame the wiki, myself. All that collaboration has made the boy lazy, all expecting other students to edit his stuff.

All typing real fast and posting in a faux-Jamaican syntax.

All blogging about it.

All putting "@"s before proper nouns.

Fetch my pitchfork and torch. It's time to hit this "technology" where it lives.

Taylor said...

You can't be serious. A high school student didn't write that!

Ken Rodoff said...

@taylor I am serious. Another teacher handed me this wondrous example of student writing. This would be boring if I made it up.