Monday, November 12, 2007

will u be my optimus?

Dear Optimus,

We've never met, but I have such strong feelings for you, I can no longer sit idle as my heart yearns for your powers of transformation.

When you convert from truck to robot, or robot to truck, you inspire my soul. You prove time and time again that change is timeless and necessary. You could serve humanity at any level, even educationally.

Join me, Optimus. Grab hold of my hand when you are in ambulatory robot mode and help me create change here at my high school. Teach me the value of persistence. Show me that the Decepticons are just machines; not fleshy homosapiens that I sometimes believe them to be.

You are a true change-agent. I need you, Optimus. This school needs you. You are a boon to tech integration. You value the past, but you can make people around me see that progress does not mean having to abandon that past.

We can do great things, Optimus. Prime & Rodoff. Rodoff & Prime. Prime Rodoff. Whatever the name, our collective influence will surely, once and for all, give credence to the calculated use of technology as a tool to advance student-thinking, teacher instruction, and filmmaking.

Oh, answer me. Let my heart break no longer. I am waiting for you. I've waited for you. I cannot wait much longer. I'm about to resort to handouts.

Don't let this happen, Optimus.

Timorously waiting,



blueyestars-JG Friedman said...

Dear Ken,
As you are depicted as an immensely kind and compassionate person as I a character who puts all his talent to use to improve the world around him, and has dedicated himself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth; you will battle your foes with unyielding resolve to uphold this belief as I have done so in the past.
In the interim year of crisis, what is needed is a balancing factor You may want to try to take a squad of troops to aid in the battle. You will have a balancing act that will allow you to colonize from other worlds and the Decepticons plan for the Hate Plague will not be heard from in fear to the close relationship you have built. If needed, brake off from the main attack and head down into the depths of the Combat Deck, with planning to stablize at any cost. This trait may lead many to speculate that you Ken, exhibit disloyalty to your own autobots in favor of protecting the humans in your Combat Deck. In power and intelligence, straightforwardness, wise, and essentially upbeat battlefield general, you Ken have equal, known as one of the greatest heroes on both Faculty and as Teacher.
It has been suggested the I Optimus Prime, secretly platued by self-doubt and, more imoprtantly, a conflicted sense of pascifism that often made me an extremely reluctant warrior, and it was occasionally implied that the conflict with the Decepticons have lasted as long as it has, is due primarily because of my unwillingness to take a more aggressive stance.
More Than Meets the Eye,
Optimus Prime

Kristin Hokanson said...

Count me in as one of you troops ;-)
I will aid you...Remember handouts are the enemy. Do not succumb