Thursday, November 1, 2007

tree me

A series of questions that caught my attention in David Weinberger's podcast, "What the Web Is For":
When are we humans at our best? When are you proudest of being who you are? If you wanted human beings to make a really great impression on Martian visitors, what would you take the Martians to see?
May I take the last part first? Thanks!
  • The Giving Tree. When everything is said and done, we are an altruistic lot.
Okay, now the middle part? Great!
  • Do you see those two children there? I'm with them.
So the first part:
  • At Wawa. People still hold doors. No preferential treatment. Some people go for the coffee, but I recommend going for the civility.

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Taylor said...

May I take the first part first? Thanks!

At family oriented holidays, such as Christmas or Thanksgiving (or other cultural equivalent)

May I take the last part next?


May I take the middle part now?