Thursday, November 15, 2007

that creepy feeling

okay, so I gave little angryblackbitch a look-see and perhaps if I practice my craft well enough I'll be able to post in the look-I'm-really-calculated-about-my-run-on-sentence style that seems to sell really well nowadays but I just can't get past the feeling that angryblackbitch might really be just a moodywhiteworkingclassgal who finally found a platform to espouse her thoughts using a platform and identify that won't cause her any professional, personal, or global harm because in my line of thinking (and I'm well aware that my line of thinking is expressly my own and not the stuff of public mandate) people who have strong thoughts along with a trust-fund absence tend to present themselves as someone/something else because repercussion is a scary word (read: job dismissal) so I'm entertained but the educator in me keeps pulling at words like 'veracity' and 'authority' and then I realize that my window-shopping blog-reading life needs to be more than just a casual appreciation for vulgarity and societal sadness.


Taylor said...

Ken, that's really not a reaction I was expecting. I agree that I find her run-on sentences hard to read sometimes, but I think this is a matter of minor editing. Minor.

I'm surprised to hear that you think she might be pretending to be black. That never even crossed my mind.

And, I'm surprised that you would find something wrong with someone "presenting themselves as someone/something else," considering that you read my blog so regularly. My real name isn't Taylor, as you well know, and which I make clear on my ABOUT page, but that does not in any way make me less authoritative or truthful. If anything it makes me more truthful.

I know you're not the only one who feels that way about pseudonyms, but it's eems like an overblown concern to me. I think only in blogonia do we worry about that (think Twain, Conrad, Burgess, Carroll, O. Henry, Orwell & Voltaire.)

I personally read many blogs where the person is using their real name, but they're so full of shit they may as well be lying outright. I don't believe that only people who have some kind of certifiable authority are worth listening to, and very often the ones with the certifiable authority are the most full of shit of all.

Shark-fu said...


If I had a dollar...

I've been black since birth, m'dear. No one could pull that con off in St. Louis - town's too small!

And my name is Pamela, if that makes you feel more comfortable with the authenticity of my...oh, why do I bother.

My picture's been posted and I'm done proving my blackness, brother. That debt has been paid through struggle.

Like I said, if I had a dollar...

Taylor said...

Ken -- I knew you were going to rile up a bitch! Still, it's cool to be talking to someone besides a teacher, to me. (Much as I enjoy and depend upon our conversations.)

Anyway.... Another thing....

I write fragments ALL THE TIME. On purpose. Admittedly, I do sometimes want to get a hold of Shark-Fu's posts and add *just a touch* of punctuation -- but really, barely. I did this mentally in my mind last night.

I realized after your post today that the main reason I didn't mention the run-on thing was that I don't really know her, and I didn't want to offend a bitch. Especially since I'm white and she's black. I was afraid of being misunderstood. Plus, I've not done a blog review before. If I'd done many and criticized others, I'd have been more comfortable being critical of Shark-Fu.

But this is bullshit too, since she doesn't need kid gloves from me.

Her words are perfect. It's all mechanics that you're talking about.

But I think her blog is so good it would be worth her finding someone to do that for her. But really, she is doing better than either of us on her own.... so I'm no one to talk. I do love how she analyzes the media, and given her posting rate, she does it very quickly. I think that rocks.

But why is a fragment ok, but a run-on isn't?

Fragments are easier to read.

But I still view this as a minor issue.

PS I'm freezing! Shaking, in fact. No way I could survive in PA.

Taylor said...

Did you see her latest? You've sent a bitch on a rant. God, it's so freeing to say that word. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch.

I call her a bitch because I'm a bitch (and because she calls herself one.) I love that about her. She's an angry black bitch. I'm an angry teacher bitch. Very pale and white, but no less bitchy for that.

Why didn't I think of that? Taylor the Bitch. Bitch, the teacher. Loving that word more and more.

Taylor said...

If nothing else, I owe gratitude to a bitch for freeing up that word for me.

Leota2 said...

Wow! Technorati is fabulous. . .

"that creepy feeling" huh? I kind of got that from this post. Loved the way ABB got on her boat and sailed on past you though.

But come on-- doubting a bitch's blackness. . .
What were you thinking when you rolled out of bed yesterday?