Monday, November 5, 2007

schiess das Fenster!

Taylor posits that Star Wars is a galaxy of learning asteroids; a movie that teaches us a whole bunch of good stuff about life, liberty, and the pursuit of Wookies.

Everyone has one movie; one they turn to as a processing device for the way life careens and jostles about.

Me, I just can't get away from Officer John McClane in Die Hard. When Twinkie-stuffed officer Al Powell receives a fresh corpse on the hood of his squad car, McClane shouts out, "Welcome to the party, pal!"

This quote finds a way to root itself in the classroom and the school with amazing dexterity:
"Mr. Rodoff, you're really giving me a zero for not doing my homework?"
Thank you, John McClane.

"Do I really have to work with a group?"
Oh John, your economy of words captures the true collaborative nature of life.

"Holy crap, someone is shooting off a gun in the halls!"
Sgt. McClane? Do you copy? 417 in progress, use caution.
At times, walking through the halls or teaching a class is akin to McClane's maneuvering through a ventilation shaft: "Now I know what a TV dinner feels like."

But let's be honest; some of those meals are flat-out delicious. We know they're not healthy, but we eat them anyway.

And we know that school can cause emotional coronaries, but we go anyhow.

Because sometimes, it's just a guilty little pleasure.

In the middle of the Die Hard, FBI Agent Robinson invites Sgt. Powell to leave the crime scene. Robinson states, "Now you listen to me...Any time you want to go home, you consider yourself dismissed."

Sgt. Powell responds, "No sir. You couldn't drag me away."

He'd make one hell of a teacher. I wonder what movie he would quote?


Taylor said...

That's a great post. And I'm not just saying that because you nominated me best new edublog! I was laughing out loud. I'm less stressed today than yesterday... I think that makes it easier for me to just laugh & enjoy your posts!

But I have TOO MANY movies that are my go-to movies. It's really pathetic. Add to that song lyrics and TV shows, and I'm a veritable walking pop culture spaz.

So a parent told me yesterday that it was my fault not only that his kid failed the first quarter in my class, but that he is "no longer excited about learning journalism like he was at the beginning of the year." I'm too emotional I know, but I cried after my grueling conversation with that parent.

Crying. Welcome to the party.

Taylor said...

I'm not understanding the title?!?!

kenrodoff said...

schiess das fenster!
Schiess das fenster!

Just one way to slow down a guy not wearing any shoes.