Tuesday, November 13, 2007

head, exploding

Thanks to Russell Davies; although achieving the goal apparently requires scrapbooking.

Oh, and Dan Meyer; although if I think too hard about his points, I'll lose whatever funny I may have left.

And both make me wonder: is it better to be interesting or funny?


Taylor said...

Ken, when you write do you compose into blogger, or somewhere else? do you write the title first or last?

I say that because your titles are always thought-provoking. I certainly never have as clear a picture when I start a post as it would take to write titles like yours.

Just curious. I'm starting to think that *having* to save my title first in Wordpress changes the way I write titles. If I don't put a title in, it doesn't auto save. But there's something about already having something in that space that makes me feel stumped about what to call a post.

It's really smart what you've done w/ the title.

Taylor said...

Oh, and that Russel Davies site was cool. Thanks for that link.

kenrodoff said...

@taylor (although really, could I possibly be talking to anyone else on this one?): I usually save my titles until the end, but I more often than not start w/ a title in 'da brain'.

on this post, I thought for sure that I would include the words 'funny' and interesting', but

1) the use of those words seemed too simplistic
2) it screamed "No creativity"
3) and 'redundant'

I follow the rule of my college newspaper (in fact, all papers) by putting in the title after the article submission; the only difference here being that I control the article content AND the headline.

Usually, I try to create a title two or three steps over on the oh-that's-what-it's-all-about-scale.

Two themes over, one reference back!