Monday, May 26, 2008

by word, image, & video

Memorial Day 2008

A Drive-By Gawking

The scene: A mother and father, each pushing a double stroller. They are a block away from their home, returning after having lunch at the local pizza shop. A green Saturn, driven by a middle-aged woman, approaches. The driver slows down, stops in the middle of the road, looks at the mother and father (each pushing a double stroller), smiles, nods her head in disbelief, and drives away.

Look Out! Salad!

Seriously, look out! Those cucumbers are eerily close. And the radicchio? Right behind you.

Brothers in Arms

(note: Flip video not a pretty conversion over to Google...yikes!)


Dina said...

The comments on the Salad sign made me laugh out loud. Always a badge I pin on good writing. Being stalked by croutons...lord, there I go again. Are you my long lost twin? Dan seems to think so.

Ken Rodoff said...

Are we twins? Possibly. Now that I am the father of twins, it's quite possible that we are. But I've been told that identical twins are not hereditary...buuuut, since we wouldn't be identical, then anything is possible.

Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. I enjoy your blog. Scratch that. I enjoy the composition of your writing as a means of sharing your opinions.