Monday, February 4, 2008

the first five

No case of the Monday's here, just a tilt-a-whirl start to a surprisingly warm week.

7:30AM - Extracurricular meeting in the library. Twelve students, one Goth, the rest one hue away from compliance. Debating methods to increase student involvement. Poster route, the eight and a half by eleven sized. Agreed. They propose well turned messages for the student body. Shout outs and suggestions. 'Submit or you'll get cancer.' Ensuing laughter. Laughter? Next meeting: Social Filters.

7:33AM - Student in Fordham hoodie, an homage to better-than average SAT scores. I ask if he is going there next year. I'm making a gigantic leap, from raiment to matriculation. He temporizes, asks where I went. University of Hartford, 'but you were still in your swaddling clouts when I attended.' I just said 'swaddling clouts'. To students, the 80s are the Dark Ages, and I've just added Elizabethan Era. I'm inches away from black-pleated corduroys and above the calf navy blue socks.

7:35AM - Colleague asks about mimesis in Hamlet. There is mimesis in Hamlet???

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