Friday, February 15, 2008

conquering gaussian blur

He thinks he's directing his own film. He's placed a camera behind him, recording what appear to be self-selected moments.
  • Like soccer games. 128 frames per second. The majestic presentation of his once athletic self.
  • Like walking through the halls. Capturing the self-assuredness of a teenager's travels from class to class. Recording his illusory importance in a sea of anonymous foot traffic.
  • Like the night of his parents' separation. Steady in its focus, reminding him that manhood is a tear-less path, all stoicism and unflinching rigidity.
  • Like meeting his wife. The camera pans, circling him as if wishing an embrace; immortalizing a moment of revelation and reassurance.
  • Like the wedding. Streaks of light pouring over every frame. Something ethereal. Everything permanent. Perfect.
  • Like the birth of his children. The chaotic, hand-held style embellishes his anxiety, but zooms out. Immediate relief. Endless potential.
He likes to think he's directing his own film, but he knows better.

He's part audience, part demographic.

He's sometimes audience, a would-be reviewer.

But he is the cinematographer, all lens and focus.

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KC said...

MR. RODOFF! This is Kevin Coyle. An old student from St. Joe's Prep. I don't know if you remember me, but I certainly remember your class...I EVEN GOOGLED YOU, and came across this wonderful blog. I hope all is well, and it seems that you have started a family. I too have a blog that you can peek at by clicking on my name. Or clicking this

Good to see you are still writing. I remember you giving us a snippet of your writing about a bank robbery and an awesome description of blood running out of a child's nose. I think the child was being protected by a parent as the robbery was in progree, and their agressive protection lead to the bloody nose.
Please contact me at