Wednesday, October 3, 2007

analyzing character intentions

Mr. Betlach, keeper of roomd2 blog, provided the above slide in a recent post and it inspired me.

So I want to answer the questions because now that I have my master's degree, because now that I have two children, and because now I have this horrid habit of crafting compound, complex sentences, I feel this innate desire to respond with depth and irreverence.

1. Who are the two characters shown in this photograph?
Simple response: Boy and Computer.

Convoluted response:
Boy and Computer, but not in that order.

Esoteric & filibusterous response:
You want to hear that the two dominant nouns in the picture represent some form of symbiosis, but in truth, they represent two wholly dissimilar items that have no business sharing a common space.
2. Each character has a goal. Describe each character's goal.
Simple response: They share a mutual goal set, focused solely on inquiry, creation, collaboration, and games. People create computers. Computers create opportunity. People expand critical thinking, problem solving, and harmonious existence of webkinz.

Convoluted response: Separate entities working to coexist in an every-changing geo-political landscape.

Esoteic & filibusterous response: Person is intent on destroying creation of his own doing by drowning the machine in RSS feeds, social bookmarks, and Lindsay Lohan chat rooms. Machine wants to fully expose the folly of the human race, specifically its infatutaion with Lindsay Lohan.

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