Tuesday, November 3, 2009

virtually an idiot

The New York Times gives us the opportunity to gauge our distraction by playing an online simulation. The game:
...measures how your reaction time is affected by external distractions.
I'm a savvy TXTR!

I switched lanes for a virtual mile, and then I received the first of three text messages. The rules said that I had to respond, and that I had to do so while driving and moving from lane to lane.

After I responded to the third TXT, the game ended, and I received my own bar graph:

  • My driving acumen improved with each TXT, so I'll just get better and better the more I TXT while driving. Yay!
  • 23 percentage points worse than other participants!!! From a demographic angle, I thought I was on the younger side of NY Times readers...especially online readers. Shameful.
  • I have responded to, and even sent, text messages while driving with my children. Moron.


Jenny said...

I just gave this a try. I am, of course, unconvinced that it is any sort of decent simulation. That said, I greatly enjoyed trying it. It made me laugh and I needed that tonight as I watch election results. Thanks for sharing it.

Ken Rodoff said...

To me, the 'simulation' served as a reminder that maybe I should be a bit more focused on delivering my family to their destinations instead of letting my friends know that I'll bring the drinks.

Which, btw, I always bring, txt or no txt.

Thanks for the comment.