Tuesday, November 10, 2009

serious bots

One of the premiere selling points for any chiclet of technology is in a particular application's ability to make life a bit easier.

So, when Jim Gates shared a link to Google Wave Extensions on Diigo today, I immediately checked them out, excited at the prospect for a host of new widgets and bots.

But then I looked at the names for the extensions. And if indeed there's something in a name, then almost all of them scream ridiculousness.

It's tough to go around promoting add-ons for any application when their names immediately create equal parts disdain and distance with end-users.

Some of the names are comical, animatedly comical. Behold:
Google Wave and The Seven Extensions:

Othello (this one just wants to grab a pillow and suffocate the other six)
And for the grown-ups:
Polly the Pollster
Now how does one sell that?

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