Friday, November 6, 2009


Writing prompts demand your best, original effort.

That said, the only acceptable ready-made set of writing prompts for use with high school students would have to be:

The University of Chicago's essay portion
of their undergraduate application packet.

I want to write this essay:
How do you feel about Wednesday?
And I want to assign it to a class, and engage in thought-provoking discussions that foster meaningful argument support.

And I want that one kid to stay after class to ask if she can do a different topic:



Jimbo Lamb said...

Now I have a lot of essays that I want to write. I just wish I currently had the time.

Great post, Ken (as always)!

Ken Rodoff said...

I think I'm so, so inclined to write an essay about something inspired by super-huge mustard.

And for the anti-mustard students, ketchup will work just fine.

Jackie Ballarini said...

Oh, I love the Cartesian Coordinate System prompt. Thank you for sharing this!

Ken Rodoff said...

Something for every content area!