Thursday, June 11, 2009

sifting through farts

My wife told me that Totlol is vanishing as of July 1.

Totlol lauched in May 2008, and one year later, the founder of the site notes in his farewell message:
I find myself running a website that is loved and growing but has no future. It needs a long term sponsor and I can't find one. I just can't support and develop it all by myself anymore.
There was an option to submit a message to the site's creator, Ron.

So I wrote:

Thank you. I wish that I knew of some massive sponsor that would help preserve your site. I don't. I teach. So that makes me unqualified-squared as a source of help.

Like you, my now four-year old son always 'wanted to see'. There are only so many 'where the hell is matt' videos worth showing a toddler. And a 16-second clip of a panda sneezing loses its power of captivation after a few viewings.

My wife and I have shared this site with other parents, with our families, and even with coworkers at teacher in-service workshops. Please don't tell my administration.

If not you, I hope someone, somewhere, with a wallet stuffed with Costco-sized funds, recognizes that there is an audience in need of a site like Totlol. And that audience is growing.

Heck, since you launched the site, my progeny has doubled.
I know that there are other places to find content. Miro and Joost come to mind, but they're not designed for children, they just happen to have secured the rights to show certain kid-centric programs.

For now, DVR will have to do. And a little something we like to call reading. It requires adult participation, but with summer right in front of us, I should have some free time.

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