Monday, June 8, 2009

on fostering collegiality

It started with an email. Six people responded, and all of them agreed to participate in the 2nd Annual Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament. But one of the respondents suggested that I forgo the invitation to play; instead, put every teacher in the tournament. He noted:

Some will play, but they won't respond.

Some will play, but only if they're approached to play.

And those that won't play, well, each one is a forfeit that counts as a win for those willing to participate.
I'm loading my division with naysayers!

This is an attempt to foster a greater level of faculty collegiality. I'm all for it. But there's this part of me, reticent, skeptical and wary, that I'm on the verge of receiving a plethora of emails from those offended at being included. They'll demand that they not be involved. And their emails will more than double the number of emails from those who have previously accepted the invitation to participate.

But I'm going to try, because I don't mind taking a longer, more competitive road to the championship.

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