Friday, June 5, 2009

an email for maternity return

So sweet of you to offer to bring lunch for us still here in the building. The things a new parent will do just to have some time away from those little wondrous creations that smile at us while wearing a poop-filled Pamper.

I want:

A Coca-Cola!!!

And I know that Dan wants the Panini of the Day, but it's rainy out, so I'm not sure I want today's offering, all rain-soaked and tepid.

So I'll take a:

Turkey hoagie!
with provolone!
and some lettuce, pleasantly laid upon aforementioned meat and cheese.
and quite literally, 'a little bit of mayo', because a healthy dollop will lead me to gag, maybe even vomit. And no mayo is stupid.

Bring on the calories. Leave the diaper.


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