Wednesday, May 20, 2009

expiration dates

Perused the 'draft' section of my yet-to-be published post list. Some of the titles have some meat beneath them; others, boneless and skinless.

Are any of the following titles post-worthy?
  • twitter is stupid
  • drawn & daughtered
  • even nicholas biddle's on FB
  • all warped up
  • too much info makes a bad pizza
  • take that, olweus
  • worried about thursday
  • look ma, no 'no'
  • a bit on the hi-fi receiver
  • fast nickels, slow death
  • 12oz confidence builder
  • words, unutterable
  • full-frontal lighting
  • speaking through purgatory
  • how to poop during a crisis
  • do you see yellow?
  • student up
  • meals for a hypocrite
  • the 5th trimester
There's a part of me that wants to tend to all 19, because, if left unfinished, then 19 more thoughts/ruminations/opinions have been left unfulfilled.

But if I go back and complete these would-be posts, then I feel fraudulent; as if my own thoughts no longer qualify as original or my own.

A blog is a terrible, wonderful thing.


ashley said...

Being present at the conception of the "how to poop in a crisis" post, I for one would like to see it come to fruition!

Ken Rodoff said...

I'm not sure how to respond to the phrase 'being present at the conception of the 'how to poop in a crisis' post.

Makes me feel dirty.