Friday, July 4, 2008

nothing more american

Major Otis invites us to dream a little:
The worldwide leader in multibrand two-for-one restaurant locations, Yum! Brands can satisfy your combinatory culinary cravings, however discordant...What's your dream Yum! Brands restaurant combination?
Me? Too easy:
um...Dunkin Donuts & Taco Bell.
Uh, yes, I'll have the Coffee Taco.
Oh, and a small box of Burritokins.
Drink? Yes, of course.
How 'bout a Frappachalupa?

Trans-fat options welcome.


Kate Olson said...

Mine's pretty boring.....but yummy :-) Dairy Queen and Starbucks - all ice cream concoctions must involve caffeine and all coffee drinks must include ice cream - my personal heaven!

Ian said...

Steakhouse burgers
Mocha Joe Iced Coffee

Ruby Tuesday:
Buffalo Chicken Burger

Mouth watering as we speak!

Dina said...

Aw, DUDE-- I thought this was an online word game I could use with my kids. You know, input your favorite brands and see what comes up, etc-- and then I click on it to find it's REAL?! I'm very disappointed. On a number of levels.

Farfisa said...

Wawa!! Decaf hazelnut mixed with hot chocolate... Sarcone's for a fresh, hot Italian loaf. Maybe a trip to 9th Street is in my future before September.