Friday, August 31, 2007

Goodbye Pluto, Hello Google Earth

When using Google Earth, the user can, from high above, zoom in and in and in on a chosen location.

In my state, in my county, in my district, in my high school, is my room, 218. Zoom right on in, if you so choose.

And the original idea was when anyone entered room 218, she or he did everything in room 218. Read, write, think, collaborate, share, and misbehave.

But now, my classroom is 'Reverse Google Earth'.

Zoom out, out, out.

Students entering room 218 now refer to it as the launch pad; from this spot, they travel the world.

They explore the world.

They deepen their understanding of the world.

And they are validated for living a life spent connecting to the world in a place that is visible from Google Earth.

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