Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All Warm & Fuzzy

So our school welcomes a new Principal, a new Assistant Principal, a new set of security procedures, and of course, the anticipation of a new year mixed nicely with a high probability of a job-action.

But here's the amusing part. Or the comforting part. Or the surprising, reassuring, interesting, and sugar-coated part:

I think it's going to be a really good year.

Okay, so the aforementioned sentence is platitudinal (word???) and a really weak thesis statement, but I do have proof.

More like a positive harbinger.
  • Our new Principal unleashes the following theme for the year: SELF STUDY.
Let's get this straight. No research, no diversity, no tuning protocols. Instead, choice. A belief in the professionalism of a talented group of educators.

Now, it's not recess. There are clearly delineated requirements. There's even a rubric, although it's a tool for reflection, not evaluation. I repeat, not evaluation. Phew!, right?

We are to ask ourselves a question and spend the year developing an answer. Much like Action Research, we are supposed to gather 'data' from our teaching, from our class, free from thrilling readings about pedagogy and methodology.

So, anyone have a question I can use this year?

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