Sunday, July 1, 2007

Agenda & Practice

So here is a post.

This is not the model post, but it's my blog, so...well...there you go.

Here is the agenda for today:
Theme: July 4th
Topic: Blogs!
Workshop Overview: Attendees will learn what a blog is, how to make one (they will make one), ways to integrate and why (always ask 'why?'), finding and subscribing to blogs.

1. Hello
2. Video and Survey
3. What is a blog? Should I allow such a weird word in my classroom?
4. Where are the "good" blogs? How do I subscribe to them? Welcome to Bloglines!
5. Blogger! Making your own blog. Understanding the dashboard! Tutorial. Play and Collaborate.
6. What else?

I am most excited by a question Chris Lehmann posed to us at NECC.

"what is the worst consequence of your best idea?"

Now I'd like to post a picture of me at NECC. It is a fabulous photo

Me standing in front of my presentation sign!

Here's a great link for, forgive me, digital natives.

A slideshow on blogs

Support Blogging!

Will Richardson's "Hand it in" to "Publish it"

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