Thursday, February 22, 2007

All The World's Indeed A Wiki

In my new position as Classrooms for the Future Tech Coach, I have spent a lot of time doing research for Web 2.0 resources. Obviously, wikis make up a large chunk of web 2.0. I have seen the word 'wiki' used as a prefix, suffix, and sometimes stuffed between a pre-existing word.

Mathematics can lay claim to a good number of content-specific wikis. There is Geowiki, Calcuwiki, and Trigiwiki.

In Language Arts, I have come across Lord of the Wikis, One Flew Over the Wiki's Nest, and one still waiting for an entry, Ulysses.

Social Studies wikis are popping up all over, fertile grounds for historians of every age. Wikigate, Pickett's Wiki, The Revolutionary Wiki, and the questionable Monica Lewiki.

Health teachers, at least those at my high school, have been resistant to utilizing wikis in their classes, but thanks to some already out there, I am excited to introduce them to Ickywikigerms, sexually-transmitted wikis, and the awkward to discuss, wikidreams.

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