Wednesday, February 14, 2007

all squares are rectangles

Kristin Hokanson's presentation at PETE&C was informative and inspiring. The world of education is lucky to have someone of her energy, knowledge, and tech prowess.

Near the end of her session, an attendee asked if wikis had the ability for maintaining a blog.

Kristin's response: 'all wikis can blog'.

I turned, immediately bemused, to Jim Gates, and joked, 'but not all blogs can wiki'.

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Kristin Hokanson said...

So true Ken, so true...I think in the world of education we sometimes get focused on what "label" we are going to place on what we are doing. Using your example all squared are rectangles...what is more important, being able to identify the square or rectangle or being able to explain why it is you made the distinction you did? On state testing...they need to be able to do both!!! What is important is not just being able to say you used a blog or a wiki but to choose a tool that gives kids voice outside of their regular classroom and in turn improves their ability to think, write, respond, judge and use all of the important higher level skills to help them LEARN :-)