Monday, October 12, 2009

heiny differential

Nowadays & thenanights, I sit in front of my computer and let edutech content rain all over me, drip by digital drip.

Like this morning, sitting in my gmail inbox, are today's shared Diigo items from a group to which I subscribe.

In comes Word Magnets. And I click, cut, copy, paste, and then I've magically made some interactive word magnets.

I'm thinking about how this refrigerator-free tool could find its way in to a myriad of different classes, varying grade levels. There are two impressive elements to Word Magnets:
  1. it's frill-less, welcoming techno-phobes with simplicitiy of use.
  2. it's fun, and that's not a bad word in education anymore.
So give Word Magnets a try. Or that other site you've seen. But then, take the next step, the only step that matters. Think of ways these tools can find a meaningful place in your classroom.

And you can do that thinking sitting on your heiny.

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