Thursday, February 26, 2009

gotta question

Latent Frustration Level Three has moved into Overt Frustration Level One, thanks in large part to posts by Peter and Will.

What really irritates my knuckles, gnaws mercilessly upon my less-than Promethean-like liver, is the gut feeling that if there are schools that want to transform, that want to see change, then they need to do something drastic about their hiring practices.

There's a question that schools could ask teaching candidates. It's a question that must be asked:
How do you plan to evolve and grow as a proponent of, and an example of, life-long learning?
Study their reaction, their body position, their eyes (thanks, Dina).

And hire accordingly.


Ben Wildeboer said...

Love the question. I don't think I've ever heard one like it in any of my own interviews.

Another question that might be telling: "What blogs do you read regularly?" Perhaps the question, "Who are your favorite education related writers and thinkers?" gets at the same thing in a less media-specific way.

Ken Rodoff said...

Like your other questions as well. Actually, I'm attending a county-wide meeting tomorrow with other Classroom for the Future coaches, and I've asked for an agenda item:

- What is our summer reading list?

Looking for recommendations from other coaches about what we should all read to help inform our own practice and our work with a diverse group of students and teachers.

Kimberly Brosan said...

This is exactly why I always answer the question on the common application about the importance of professional development in my career!

Mr. McGuire said...

How do you plan to evolve and grow as a proponent of, and an example of, life-long learning?

This is a great question for those of us that have taught for a while. I am thinking about it, even as Friday afternoon quickly approaches.:)