Thursday, December 11, 2008

we're gonna need some more cows

Garr Reynolds on kinetic type:
Though you would not likely use kinetic type to the degree used in these examples in a live talk, watching the treatment of type in these examples may give you some ideas for working with type on screen that evokes emotion or directs the eye in a certain direction, or that sets a mood, etc. The only real goal is to get us thinking about presenting differently.
to remind you (and myself) again that type matters and that the treatment of type requires careful thought.
The example - please watch - highlights that text can and should be evocative and purposeful.

There's so much to teach. I'm well aware of that, but as I move from classroom to classroom, as I see more and more students present, and as I think about students moving beyond our charge, it's imperative that we take ownership over developing confident, competent communicators, regardless of the chosen medium. Regardless of the subject you teach.

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Jenny said...

I completely agree with you. Here's the dilemma, many teachers can't communicate effectively in various media so how will they teach their students to do so?