Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hiding behind transparencies

alternatively titled, 'teachers wanted - must own lens'

It appears that sending MP3 files to our email is a lost cause, but right now, at this very moment, the teacher needs the files and he wants them sent via email...only email.

I suggest a wiki, but he wants no part.
Today is not the day to learn wikis.
Pulling the files onto a flash-drive could work, but the teacher believes that will take too long. He needs the files, and he needs them now.

I suggest a wiki, but he wants no part.
Today is not the day to learn wikis
I go covert. I'm lateral movement and head-fakes. I'm surreptitiously starting a wiki. I'm finished. I show him the wiki, and he's got this odd technophobic stare going.

Students upload and listen. The teacher listens with a profound sense of acquisitive joy while one student tells the teacher that wikis are easy and that almost all students have used them in other classes. The student says:
Wikis are easy. They're a lot like Facebook.
And the teacher responds with:
I don't like Facebook. I don't know Facebook.
One student questions his thinking:
How can you not like it if you don't know it?
The answer:
Well, I don't want you to know that I don't know how to do something when it comes to technology.
I walk over to the teacher and whisper:
Doesn't matter. They already think this.

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