Tuesday, September 23, 2008

four dollars worth of perspective

So he had this pseudo-fit / obsessive thing going on the entire drive to The School House.

"We need to bring donuts!" over and over he exclaimed.

"But we neeeeeed to bring donuts!" he whined from North Wales to the Route 309 on-ramp.

And no matter how many ways, times, and styles I told him that donuts were provided, he would not relent.

So a box of 25 Munchkins accompanied us into The School House, me refusing to hold them, Mark more than happy to carry them, his cinnamon-coated trophies!

And Director Chris, why in all her years, she always sees something new.

The first time a student brought donuts for Daddy Donut Day.

"He's such a wonderful, thoughtful, special young boy," she says.

And I feel like an ass for fighting him on what turned out to be an exercise of altruism and selflessness!


Graham said...

Heh, you're lucky that you can still bring donuts into an educational environment! Down under, donuts are "sometimes" food as described in our Right Bite guidelines - somehow "Daddy Carrot Stick Day" or "Daddy Salad Wholemeal Sandwich Day" doesn't have quite the same ring.

Ken Rodoff said...

Now I know where Cookie Monster was born. Cookies are now a "sometimes" food for the blue fella.

There's just something quite filling about empty carbs.