Thursday, August 28, 2008

no, let me ask you

The overly sensitive people at WAYN (Where Are You Now?) sent me this slap on the wrist today, less than 18 hours after signing up:

The profile photo which was uploaded to your membership on Aug 28 2008 3:08AM has been removed as it was deemed inappropriate for the WAYN Profile.
To avoid photos being removed in future please do not upload images which are of an explicit nature, indecent, or could be seen as offensive in any way. Images which are obviously bogus, of celebrities, children...may also be deemed inappropriate.

Your profile image should be a true representation of yourself.
With the notable exception of my reflection, there is no better representation of myself than my son.

So, for the team over at Where Are You Now?

I don't care.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately sometimes kid's photos are used by weidos to hung up. It's probably better not to put your adorable son's face into that mix.