Saturday, March 8, 2008

tri-cuspid valve

1st Valve

They're beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.

Is it you? Are you here?

We've waited.

But how did you know? I can't see you two.

We've been watching.

And what do you think? Both of you, what do you think?

Beautiful family.
So much love.
I've been thinking about both of you. You know that, right?
We just want to see you happy.
So happy.
I've written about you before. Did you ever read it?
We knew without reading.
An emotional day.
You've missed so much. There are so many people I wish you could have met.
We haven't missed anything.
We'll meet everyone.
But,'re both gone. You passed away.
We just arrived.
Born yesterday.
Mom mom? Pop pop? Is it you? I can't see anything.
We're family.
Part of the entirety.

We're your future.
We're your past.

We're your memories.
Yesterdays' and tomorrows'.

They love you, Daddy.
And they're in us.

All around us.
And in you.
2nd Valve

11:00 AM (Sat.) - I leave the hospital, having just introduced my two sons to their new sisters.

11:05 - My youngest son is fast asleep in his car seat.

11:08 - My oldest son (3!) says, “Daddy, I love my sisters”.

11:15 - Needing a moment to let that comment sink in, I pull off the road.

11:17 - Still off the road, I check your blog and I read this post.

11:20 - I realize I can’t write a post on my blog about my children b/c I can not write as well. And I’m okay with that.

11:22 - Back on the road.

11:33 - Pull up to my friend’s house for lunch. I park, look in the rear view mirror, stare at my sons, one crooked and fast asleep, the other staring at the new race car toy his sisters gave him.

11:34 - I’m crying. Absolutely sobbing. I think I’m having the best day of my life.

Thanks for being a part of it.

This. Is. The power of networking.

And friendship.

3rd Valve

Nothing without her.

I love you.


Kate Olson said...

Congratulations on the new babes - they're lucky to have such a great dad :-) Enjoy every minute......

Graham Wegner said...

Dear Ken,
Hope that the twins and their mother are doing well. One thing I remember from new fatherhood is the feeling of restrained euphoria and the innate feeling that life will never be the same again for anyone in the family. Wow - four kids now under school age for you - two was enough for us!
Best wishes,

Kristin Hokanson said...

You are truly blessed. Congrats! Am expecting these 2 to really grow up 2.0. WHERE ARE THE PIX!

Ken Rodoff said...

thanks all for the kind newest "post" (lame excuse for a post) has a photo...taken by my oldest, Mark.

My hand served as the tripod.

I had to prove to him that his camera was real!