Sunday, March 9, 2008

camera boy one

See this guy:

He takes photos with this camera:

Here's his first photograph of his sisters (with an adult hand operating as a tri-pod):


Kate Olson said...

It's an amazing world, isn't it? In my house the camera would have been used by big sister to bonk a baby on the head, but it's nice that you've trained your child better than I have :-) Get some sleep..........

Farfisa said...

Lovely little girls! My son says hello. He didn't know they were girls. He hasn't much use for girls at the moment ;-)

A. Mercer said...

Hi Morgan and Quinn!

That was from my son, Leroy. He thinks they're cute.

I think it's all too wonderful.

KC said...


Ken Rodoff said...

@kate: oh, today was a good day for Mark and his camera. My wife and I thought he wasn't going to be too receptive. When Jess and the babies were at the hospital, I tried to work w/ Mark on the concept that the babies will be coming home..forever!

Me: Who's coming home tomorrow?
Mark: Mommy.
Me: And...?
Mark: The babies.
Me: And how long will they be with us?

Mark: Until they cry.

Today, one small snapshot for sibling relationships.

@Leroy: Thanks! That's so nice of you! I will read your greeting to the babies!

blueyestars said...

Congratulations! I know you working with kids/teens you may know this already, but here are few things I have come across with my time working with teen mothers and young mothers and fathers.
Working with a teen that has identical twins boys, I showed her areas of the babies that may differ. One way, study the hair whorls that they may go in opposite directions. Another way, study the fingerprints, footprints, and palm lines. About 25% of identical twins are “mirror” twins; with that said, also study the belly buttons. The umbilical cord can not be exactly cut the same way to produce identical belly buttons.
But for the time, my student, she dressed one in green at all times and the other in all blues until she knew the cries and unique features.
When they are grown, they are going to have great time messing with people/teachers heads…I know I would have if I was an identical twin!

JoyceValenza said...

Thank you for sharing all those snapshots. They're all beautiful! But I can't wait to hold the girls.
Forever IS a tough concept.