Sunday, June 24, 2007

Should Bison Blog?

Seven educators from PA travel to GA for NECC and wouldn't you know it, they start to talk about blogging.

So we sit and eat our bison burgers, discussing the unintentional (maybe) redundancy of blogs. People tend to post about what they read from other blogs; otherwise known as Blog-Based Blogging.

I detest such hackneyed practice, but I agree with Kristin when she says that thoughtful analysis or something that fosters more discussion is worthwhile.

However, Blog-Based Blogging is the internet version of Whisper Down the Lane. The message morphs, (d)evolves, and mutates to something quite different, but all the steps between first and last are meaningless. In fact, they do nothing more than distort and invariably ruin the message. And when the message is announced at the end of the line, people laugh.

Blog-Based Blogging? Better when it's a face-to-face discussion.

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Kristin Hokanson said...

I think my point was, if you have enough thoughts about something you read to blog it should at least point to the post that moved you...comment on the author's original thoughts. I think online "conversations can be JUST as powerful, or even MORE SO as you are getting the thoughts and opinions of folks not just in your face to face network. The trick is saying something yourself about what someone else has posted, linking to original posts, growing your network....THAT is how the conversations begin