Wednesday, September 15, 2010

reading is dangerous

The following is a detailed account, sans adjectives and delivered in present tense, of personal events that unfolded between 6:46PM EST - 6:49PM EST:
  • Open Google Reader from Gmail
  • Read (in Google Reader) one unread item in Dy/Dan
  • Click on '10 comments on this item' and watch as new tab opens on browser, taking me directly to Madison, IN
  • Read comments, stopping at Bryan Cook's comment which references the book, 'Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do'
  • Open new tab and load up Amazon
  • Search for aforementioned book in Kindle store
  • Eye 'Buy now with 1-Click' chiclet
  • Receive confirmation email for purchase of 'Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do'
  • Think about how many invisible people and ubiquitous web apps led me on a fast-paced path to spend $9.29

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