Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a chasm vast, deep, and wide

Professional development sessions currently offered or underway in my district:
  • The Role and Purpose of Wikispaces in The Classroom
  • Using Digital Storytelling to Enhance Student Communication
  • Interactive White Boards and Center-Based Learning Opportunities
  • Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century: The Need for Change
  • Flip Cameras and Dynamic Student Portfolios
  • RSS & PLNs & U- BFFs
  • Understanding Digital Citizenship and Creative Commons: A How-To, Hands-On, Copyright-Friendly Session (UDtripleC: HT HO CFS)

Needed professional development sessions:

  • Holding Down: Making Things Blue in an Otherwise Black-and-White Digital Landscape Through A Sustained Left-Mouse Click
  • The Right Side: The Inspiring Story of Cutting and Pasting in an Embedded World

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